Trump will win and the world will breath a sigh of relief

As is no doubt the case in other parts of the globe, we have been talking from time to time about the – I admit it – most fascinating US election in recent memory. I am not a fan of bourgeois democracy, especially of the US variety. But the prospect of Trump winning has piqued my interest.

For instance, Julian Assange replied to the question as to whether he prefers Trump or Clinton: “Well, you’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?” He may be a democratic liberal concerned with accountability, but at least he pinpoints the rottenness of the system.

Michael Moore has the “depressing news” that Trump will win. Moore may be a supporter of the ever-so-mild social democrat Bernie Sanders, but my sense is that he is right: Trump will win the election.

Meanwhile, as the material on the US election has begun to appear on Wikileaks (much more is to come), the Democrats have begun the propaganda – as Mary Dejevsky writes -of “All together now: let’s blame Putin.” If the Russians are meddling, who blames them, she asks, given the US interference in everybody else’s matters.

And John Pilger, who hits a few points and misses many, points out that the “danger to the rest of us is not Trump, but Hillary Clinton.” While Trump says the invasion of Iraq was a crime and that he doesn’t want to go to war with Russia and China, Clinton embodies the “resilience and violence of a system whose vaunted ‘exceptionalism’ is totalitarian with an occasional liberal face.”

In other words, Clinton is the imperialist warmonger (like so many Democrats, including Obama), while Trump is the one who embodies the awareness that the short-lived US empire is waning. There are simply too many problems in the USA for it to bother itself with the rest of world. His approach may trouble the hand-wringing liberals, and it may not be pretty in the USA itself, but the rest of the world will breath a huge sigh of relief.





7 thoughts on “Trump will win and the world will breath a sigh of relief

  1. I agree that Trump may well be the best option for the rest of the world, albeit a disaster for the USA. I have to conclude that Clinton will win though. Then again, who thought we would vote to quit the EU? Stranger things have happened…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Pete, I think that EU referendum vote result shows that UK elites don’t have full control over the ballot box there. Such a free and fair referendum or election would never be tolerated here in the US.

    If somehow Trump does “win” it will not have a damn thing to do with the will of the people, but rather the will of the majority opinion or more powerful faction of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

  3. You’re right in your critique of Clinton. But would Trump be less hawkish and imperialist than Clinton? I don’t know. His inconsistency and vagueness about every issue makes me question that. When you look at his campaign website, his policy statements on most issues are general and feature such lines as, “I am very pro Israel” and “I will make our Military so big, powerful and strong that no one will mess with us.” These types of statements don’t give me any confidence that he is less imperialist than Clinton.

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