The aggression and provocation of NATO

A comrade at the University of Newcastle, Roger Markwick, has written a great piece on the ‘new cold war.’ A specialist in Soviet and Russian history, he tracks the way NATO’s blatant provocations and aggressive stances are aimed at threatening Russia and how Russia’s responses should be seen in that light. In other words, invade Russia at your own risk. NATO – ‘a lethal instrument of the world’s most powerful military machine, harnessed to a predatory, highly developed capitalist system that brooks no challenges to its hegemony’ – risks following in the steps of Napoleon and Hitler. It did not end well for them.

I would add to Roger’s analysis the growing alliance and cooperation between Russia and China, which embodies the bulk of the Eurasian landmass, huge resources, economic power and military sophistication.


4 thoughts on “The aggression and provocation of NATO

  1. That was a good article, Roland. I would like to think that the lessons of Hitler and Napoleon will be on the minds of anyone thinking of waging a conventional war against Russia. Sadly, I suspect otherwise…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. And we see lots of media nowadays obeying the call to become hysterical about China. I unfortunately saw P Hartcher in SMH (today?) going on about it. This was supposedly in relation to the political donations/gift farce but really he was just joining in the beat up as required by western “thought” masters

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