Useful article from Xinhua News on the 2016 US election

This article from Xinhua News is worth a read, since it does not take the path of seeing Trump as an anomaly in the US elections of 2016. Instead, the dreadful option between Trump or Clinton is bad news all round. However, I like best the closing lines:

Yet the election is not all bad, particularly in that it has revealed some inborn defects of the so-called liberal democracy preached by the United States.

The electoral politics in the United States, which plumbed new depths of nastiness this year, has once again demonstrated that the Washington way is not the only way, not to mention the best way.

The diverse nations around the world should choose their own paths of development based on their respective historical backgrounds and new realities.

Now is the moment of reckoning.


5 thoughts on “Useful article from Xinhua News on the 2016 US election

  1. From the Xinhua article, with my comments following:

    “For the rest of the world, the U.S. drama also augurs ill.”

    Yes, a drama, as in fiction. The elections are not real. The American people, as in the masses, do NOT elect the president.

    “A Trump win is no better news for the world. His populist rhetoric indicates that there is no love lost between him and free trade, which serves as a vital driver of sustained and robust economic growth, even to the world’s largest economy.”

    Free trade, as in capitalist “free enterprise” is a vital driver of the economy?! And isn’t China the world’s largest economy now? Is Xinhua a government-owned news agency?

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