The elephant in the room over Russian hacking in the US election

For some perverse reason, I am thoroughly enjoying the finger-pointing and angst over supposed Russian hacking during the recent US election campaign. The fact that the Democrats are sore losers is the least interesting item here. And ludicrous is the claim that it undermines the ‘integrity’ of the US version of bourgeois democracy, which is totally stuffed anyway. But somehow the most obvious point – our friend, the elephant – is that the United States has made it an almost daily routine to interfere in the internal politics of other countries for quite a while. About time they found out what it feels like.


6 thoughts on “The elephant in the room over Russian hacking in the US election

  1. As I wrote elsewhere:

    I am far from convinced that the Russians are behind this, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t intervene in American elections if it were in their strategic interests to do so. It’s okay with me. I’m a US citizen and I didn’t care who won, but I was surprised when Trump got the job.

    In appointing Trump their new administrator the US ruling class, or its currently dominant faction, has decided to go with a temporary rapprochement with Russia in order to turn its attention toward China and Iran. I hope that Russia doesn’t take the bait and break its alliance with China.

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