Could Stalin think?

Occasionally I come across the comment that the greatest offence of my Stalin project is that I assume that Stalin could actually think. It may be surprising to some, but many deny him the ability to think, let alone think dialectically. Was he not the one who was a novice at theory, mocked by his comrades for his faltering efforts? Was he not a cunning political operator at best, a woeful destroyer of Marxist theory at worst? Patient and careful attention to his works suggests otherwise. It is a shame so few people actually his written materials, dismissing them as hypocrisy or sophism.

And yes, the Stalin book is almost complete after too many delays. Final outline soon.


4 thoughts on “Could Stalin think?

  1. I have never seen any evidence of a man who didn’t think. Quite the opposite in fact. Someone who was not a thinker, a realist, and something of a philosopher too, could never have kept a hold over the Soviet Union for as long as he did.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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