Chinese Marxism MOOC teaser: On criticism in China

Earlier, I made a few comments on criticism in China, but here is the video shot for the upcoming MOOC on Chinese Marxism. By the way, make sure you circulate news of the MOOC and encourage people to enrol. It begins on 1 March. It’s free!


8 thoughts on “Chinese Marxism MOOC teaser: On criticism in China

  1. This echoes some of my own experiences when I visited Beijing. There was often a presumption that I would be critical, and when that was found not to be the case, people warmed to me a lot more. Unfortunately, I had no language skills to converse with them, and I met few people who could (or wanted to) speak to me in English. If I ever returned, I would make more effort to learn more words than ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’, ‘Good day, or basic instructions to a taxi driver!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Are you familiar with E. Belfort Bax and his many writings on religion, or are you – like many Marxists – not on speaking terms with him?

      1. He has written numerous treatises on Muntzer, the Anabaptists and the Peasant’s War similar to that of Kautsky – Rise and fall of the Anabaptists (1903), The Peasants War in Germany, 1525-1526 (1899)

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