Time to leave your electronic devices at home if you have to visit the USA

With increasing news that US border bureaucrats are asking travellers to hand over electronic devices and provide access (passwords etc.), so they can check your social media, email and so on, it is time either to give the USA a miss (there are better places to visit) or to leave all devices at home. A simple ‘dumb’ or ‘burner’ phone, with a couple of numbers on it may be all that you want to bring with you. Then again, you may be denied entry with these as well, since they may be a signal you are trying to hide something.

In all this, the one I like best is that one may be subject to ‘ideological’ questioning upon arrival at the border.


3 thoughts on “Time to leave your electronic devices at home if you have to visit the USA

  1. I imagine that this will eventually ruin their tourist industry, as far as foreigners are concerned at least. I have never been to the US, and have no intention of doing so. Nothing to do with Trump, as I wouldn’t have gone anyway.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Pretty sad. I used to go there often in the 1990s, since I find that many people at an everyday and local level are great. But for some reason, the economic and political situation is stuffed. Already after 2001 there seemed to be a significant change of mood, with a fortress mentality and reality becoming ever stronger.

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