Time to study Xi Jinping

How is this for a timely intervention: last year I was asked to write a piece on the socialist imagination. So I decided to write ‘Xi Jinping’s China: Keeping the Socialist Imagination Alive’. It is based on a careful analysis of ‘The Governance of China’, containing his main writings up to 2014. More is on the way, into which I plan to delve. But now we find calls from the leaders of the CPC itself to study Xi Jinping’s speeches and texts. For example, Liu Yunshan has urged:

Chief officials and leading cadres should take the lead in studying Xi’s speeches and mastering Marxist standpoints to raise political awareness and improve governing ability … He said that the speeches contain the essence of Marxism, the wisdom rooted in traditional Chinese culture and the Party’s innovation and creative thoughts since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012.

This includes CPC leadership in philosophy and social sciences, as an earlier report indicates (see also here):

Noting that Marxism will remain the guiding theory in philosophy and social sciences in China, it called for more efforts in pushing for the sinicization, modernization and popularization of Marxism, and developing a Marxism that fits into the 21st century and contemporary China.

Not a bad time to be involved in China.


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