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  1. Trotsky was a scoundrel. He accused Stalin of being an egomaniac, but that was just a case of psychological projection. In my readings about the CIA I have found more than one instance of his possible ties to Western intelligence agencies. At least one of his close associates had links to CIA. They probably took advantage of his big ego to help fan the flames of anti-Soviet propaganda – attacking the Soviets from the “left” as well as the right.

    1. Getty’s Origins of the Great Purges (pp. 119-28) offers a good assessment of Trotsky’s involvement in the bloc and plots, especially through his son, Lev Sedov. But I like Lunacharsky’s assessment best: Trotsky never did anything without his eye on the mirror of history.

    1. I am perfectly ready to acknowledge Trotsky’s important role in the October Revolution, but I am more influenced by the way the Trotsky-Lenin/Stalin divide does not register in China. The reason is that Trotsky was never in a position of actually exercising power after a socialist revolution, so he provides no insights into the complexity of the situation of actually constructing socialism. This is why he provides few lessons indeed for the Chinese.

      1. I knew that, I’ve read your fascinating blogs/pieces on Stalin’s view of Trotsky and why the question of Trotskyism is not an issue in China – or in any kind of debate of Socialism in power, due to the fact he was never in Power.

        I’m also just interested in the fact that out of all the Marxist writers and thinkers whom you have commentated and critiqued on their writings dealing with the subject of religion and theology, you’ve – by what I’ve read – never commented on Trotsky’s view, such as;

        To name a few.

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