China most confident and optimistic country in world – Ipsos survey

A big tick of approval for Xi Jinping and socialist democracy with this one. According to an Ipsos survey called ‘What worries the world – July 2017‘ the vast majority of those surveyed in China – 87% – believe their country is headed in the right direction.


Other ones to note: Russians are far more confident than Australians, or indeed people in the USA or UK. As a spoiler, though, Saudi Arabians seem to feel pretty confident too. If you are into this sort of thing, burrowing into the report makes some interesting reading. On some factors, the Chinese are very focused, being far and away the most environmentally concerned, with an awareness of climate change and threats to the environment. But they would also like greater improvements in social programs and worry about ‘moral decline’.

So a general mark of approval, but with clear signals that problems remain. And this from a country where ‘criticism and self-criticism’ has melded Chinese tradition and Marxist practice.