Out soon: Stalin: From Theology to the Philosophy of Socialism in Power

My book on Stalin will be published soon by Springer Beijing. This book was far more work than usual, since it required a a complete rebuilding of my categories of analysis, from the ground up. It has also provided the basis for my current project on ‘Socialism in Power‘. In other words, it is arguably the most significant study for the development of my thought.


It is due out in October, but preliminary details can be found on the Springer website, here and on Amazon.

Endorsements come from Zhang Shuangli, from Fudan University, and Domenico Losurdo, from the University of Urbino:

Starting from a sympathetic attitude toward socialism in power, this book provides us with an extremely insightful interpretation of Stalin’s philosophy of socialism. It is not only a successful academic effort to re-articulate Stalin’s philosophy, but also a creative effort to understand socialism in power in the context of both the former Soviet Union and contemporary China.

——- Zhang Shuangli, Professor of Marxist philosophy, Fudan University

Boer’s book, far from both “veneration” and “demonization” of Stalin, throws new light on the classic themes of Marxism and the Communist Movement: language, nation, state, and the stages of constructing post-capitalist society. It is an original book that also pays great attention to the People’s Republic of China, arising from the reforms of Deng Xiaoping, and which is valuable to those who, beyond the twentieth century, want to understand the time and the world in which we live.

——-Domenico Losurdo, University of Urbino, Italy, author of Stalin: The History and Critique of a Black Legend


11 thoughts on “Out soon: Stalin: From Theology to the Philosophy of Socialism in Power

    1. The perils of commercial publishing, but it a business plan (!) that works – Springer has just absorbed Palgrave Macmillan. The hardcover is for libraries; the paperback will be out later. Perhaps I can send you a copy.

      1. Happy to buy one later at a reasonable price, Roland. I understand that academic publications attract a much higher cover price, and know why. That amount was just a bit of a shock.
        Best wishes, Pete.

  1. I have been looking forward to work on this subject from you for quite some time.

    The effort you make to honestly explore and struggle with the subject is appreciated. It is also extremely necessary.

    Thank you Roland. I will be sure to get a copy.

    1. Yes indeed (see my earlier comment). It took a little longer to find a publisher willing to take on a book on Stalin that doesn’t trot out the usual condemnations. And since I am based in Beijing much of the year, Springer Beijing was keen to publish it, since it is the largest international press in China and has editorial autonomy. Let’s see how a paperback issue turns out.

  2. For the paperback cover, maybe you can use (that is, if you can find a much clearer, high-definition version) this picture. To me, it really suits the topic and title

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