Time to study Juche (again)?

An unexpected side-effect of the DPRK’s development of its nuclear self-defence capacities is the need for greater knowledge about the place. As various corporate news operators desperately scour the news sites from the DPRK, they begin to stumble across terms such as Juche. For instance, with the mention on KCNA and Rodong Sinmun (and DPRK Today if you can read Korean) of ‘Juche-oriented thermonuclear weapon with super explosive power made by our own efforts and technology’, you can see them scratching their heads. Juche? What is the world is that?

If the developments in the DPRK lead to even a tiny bit of effort actually to understand their perspective, then surely this is not such a ban thing. Unless, of course, you want to join the Korean Friendship Association, with branches in many countries.



10 thoughts on “Time to study Juche (again)?

      1. Thanks!

        By the way, I also found this. Maybe (if you can find a better, high-definition version) this can be used for the cover for the paperback of your upcoming Stalin work

  1. Below is a direct link to the KFA site for free e-book downloads. I especially recommend “On some problems of the ideological foundation of socialism” (ID 104) and “The Juche philosophy is an original revolutionary philosophy” (ID 108).


    Also, you can get books, magazines and DVD’s from the following site:


    (I think I learned about both of these websites from you, Roland. Many thanks!)

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