The real story about the economy of the DPRK

Hedlund has provided an invaluable link to an article in the Asia-Pacific Journal on the myth of the ‘North Korean collapse’. Well worth a careful read, and it backs up my anecdotal impressions when I visited a couple of years ago. Keen to get back and spend more time there.

2 thoughts on “The real story about the economy of the DPRK

  1. What struck me reading this is that western economists always try to judge the DPRK on western values, forgetting that it is an Asian country, with a very different culture. Similarly, comparison to South Korea is pointless, as that state is propped up by the US in the same way as Japan, and would unlikely be in trouble otherwise.
    They also forget that 23,000,000 is a relatively small population, so easier to feed and manage than populations of countries like Indonesia, with 261 Million, India, with 1.32 Billion, or even the USA, with 323 Million.
    The vast untapped mineral wealth mentioned is undoubtedly what has caught the eye of the present US administration, and I have no doubt that they are itching to get their hands on it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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