Why do Chinese people like Angela Merkel?

This one came as a surprise to me, although it shouldn’t really. Many Chinese people are rather fond of Angela Merkel, whom they call Moke’er dama (dama being a term of respectful affection for an older woman, especially one’s father’s elder brother’s wife).

Why? As one person put it: ‘Merkel grew up in a socialist country. She looks and plans in a long-term way’. And another: ‘Among Western leaders, she understands the Chinese theory “seeking truth from facts” the best’.

Of course, it helps that China-German relations have steadily improved since she became chancellor in 2005.



10 thoughts on “Why do Chinese people like Angela Merkel?

    1. After spending almost a month in Germany, much of it cycling, I realised – through meeting many women like her – that she manages through her very presence of giving a sense of strong, solid reliability.

  1. Here I have to protest! Merkel is a master of appearance, but on any closer look she has no substance as a politician. Also she will be remembered for her economic policies destroying the Eurozone.

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