Contradiction analysis: an explainer

A useful piece for those interested in the central function of Marxist contradiction analysis in a Chinese situation. Xi Jinping recently announced that the primary contradiction has now changed, ushering in a new era. And if you are still interested, it is worth reading (again) Mao’s two pieces, ‘On Contradiction‘ and ‘On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People‘. Crucial here is managing contradictions so that they remain non-antagonistic.

8 thoughts on “Contradiction analysis: an explainer

      1. It’s a 3 hour epic film that is very well done and fun to watch.

        Here’s my favourite scene, it’s of the October Revolution

    1. Thanks for the link, especially from a Marxist economist. It gives some detail to what a ‘socialist market economy means’, although there is also a lot of effort here to find a way beyond the public-private ownership dichotomy – some details show up in the article, especially in terms of the enmeshment with ‘private’ companies. My understanding is that one of the problems before Xi was a drift away from SOEs, with Marxist economists warning of the trend, but he made it very clear early on that the issue needed to be addressed, among many others (efficiency, innovation etc.)

      1. Also, it is worth noting that the new primary contradiction speaks of ‘unbalanced and inadequate development’, which has been explained as the problematic gap between rich and (western rural) poor. And … I disagree with the comment on socialist democracy: the Chinese are quite clear that they exercise socialist democracy, but more on that later.

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