Australia: least friendly country for Chinese in 2017

A dubious achievement at the close of 2017: Australia was voted the least friendly country for Chinese in 2017. In an online poll, out of 14,667 respondents, 8,751 listed Australia as the least friendly, or 59.6%.

Why? Treachery or betrayal was cited as the main reason. On the one hand, bilateral ties have increased, the largest number of tourists in Australia come from China, tens of thousands of students study and work here. China is Australia’s largest trading partner, ensuring that Australia has not had a recession for 31 years. On the other hand, Chinese students have been physically attacked, leading to the Chinese Embassy issuing an official warning to Chinese students about such matters, and the all-show-and-no-substance prime minister (Malcolm Turnbull) has been whipping up Sino-phobia concerning CPC ‘influence’ in Australia.

As one commentator observed: ‘In Chinese culture, treachery is really despised, and this is a key reason why Australia received the most votes’.

So who came second and third: India and the United States (a significant rise, with many rethinking their connections to the USA).



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