How much is a DPRK ‘defector’ paid by South Korea and the USA?

In March, 2017, the South Korean ‘Ministry of Unification’ announced that it would increased the amount of ‘reward’ for a ‘defector’ from the DPRK. This is for ‘people who provide intelligence and knowledge that can enhance South Korea’s security’. The amount: they can be given up to one billion won, or USD $860,000, as well as allowances and living costs.

You can imagine how reliable such information would be.

In fact, the business of relying on émigré ‘testimony’ is in full swing, with book after book outlining unverified ‘accounts’ of the gruesome life in the north. This is about as reliable as the ‘testimony’ from the former Soviet Union, which has been castigated by historians as utterly unreliable.

7 thoughts on “How much is a DPRK ‘defector’ paid by South Korea and the USA?

    1. At the same time, back in 2004, the standard amount for ‘ordinary defectors’ was cut, since they had a problem with ethnic Koreans from other parts of the world claiming to be from the north and seeking money. Dodgy game indeed!

      1. The old story of ‘streets not paved with gold after all’. Would they be allowed back? I doubt that, but don’t know of course.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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