Local DPRK friendship societies

If you look beneath the media and political hype, there has been quite an upturn in the work and energy of DPRK friendship societies in my local area. One is the NZ-DPRK Society. Established in 1973, the long-standing chair was the Reverend Don Borrie. After he retired, Tim Beal took over. Incidentally, by far the best book on the DPRK is Tim Beal’s North Korea: The Struggle Against American Power (Pluto 2005). It carefully pulls apart much of the sheer fake news about the DPRK.

In Australia we also have the Australia-DPRK Friendship and Cultural Society. It too has been around since the 1970s, but has recently gained renewed interest and energy.

These groups are certainly growing: in August 2017, 180 delegates from 61 countries gathered in the DPRK for a large solidarity conference.


10 thoughts on “Local DPRK friendship societies

  1. Thanks for your comment on my book Roland. Anyone interested in my later writing should visit my website at http://www.timbeal.net.nz/geopolitics/
    Although I succeeded Rev Don Borrie as chairman after his death the real driving force behind the society is the agriculturist Peter Wilson. He is incredibly active in building links into the DPRK, working with the Korean community here (who are immigrants from South Korea) and trying to get the New Zealand government to take an independent stance and do something about promoting peace rather than supporting sanctions and threats against North Korea and its people; this last is an uphill battle, subservience to Washington runs deep.
    Don himself became involved with the DPRK as a leader of the Student Christian Movement during the Vietnam War. He saw the parallels between America’s war against Vietnam and the earlier, but continuing one against Korea. He regarded his political activism as an essential accompaniment to his role as a Christian, and a Methodist Minister

    Tm Beal

  2. Dear Roland,

    I have always been curious to know, with regards to your blog.

    What wordpress template/theme it is?


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