Petition for Verso to publish English translation of Losurdo’s Stalin book

Verso Books has initially refused to publish an English translation of Domenico Losurdo’s book on Stalin, even though they have published other works by him. Those who know the press will not be surprised by this. However, a petition is underway to get Verso to change its opinion. You can find the petition here.

Please sign the petition!



9 thoughts on “Petition for Verso to publish English translation of Losurdo’s Stalin book

  1. Hello Professor,

    As the creator of the petition, I just wish to clarify that I am now more focusing on convincing Monthly Review Press to publish it as Sebastian Budgen explicitly told me and Professor Losurdo that it will not happen with Verso Books.



    1. I hope it works. I am struck by the way there is a conservative-liberal-‘Western’ Marxist consensus on Stalin. I prefer a Chinese Marxist approach. As Xi Jinping put it in 2013: ‘Revolutionary leaders are not gods, but human beings. We cannot worship them like gods or refuse to allow people to point out and correct their errors just because they are great; neither can we totally repudiate them and erase their historical feats just because they made mistakes’. This is the way they approach Stalin too.

      1. Indeed, and this is the biggest reason for wanting to see an English translation of this book come to fruition, and I am glad it has generated interest, however minimal it may be.

        And the Chinese Marxist approach ought to be the “regular” Marxist approach. Here’s hoping MR Press contacts Losurdo and publishes it.

  2. Should we still sign this petition? I suppose so because it can still be used to prove to MR Press that there is definite interest in this book. I would be a bit surprised, though, if MR agrees to do it. If they won’t, then maybe try Erythros Press next. They do Grover Furr’s books. I could contact Grover and enlist his help or advice in any case. If we continue to hit roadblocks maybe the next step is to set up a crowdfunding campaign to pay a translator and cover other publishing costs. It’s not very hard or expensive to publish books these days. I guess the biggest hurdle is getting a good translation done.

  3. Even if Monthly Review Books refuses the publish this important book, the fact that the petition now has 553 signatures indicates that the old conservative-liberal-Western Marxist consensus on Stalin is not as uniform as they would like to think. It appears more and more people are unsatisfied with the lines usually pedalled, usually without any serious study of the material itself.

    1. Does China still operate its Foreign Languages Publishing House? It would be nice if they could publish this book in English and several other languages. Or how about one of those socialist billionaires take on this project?

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