Florida massacre a major abuse of human rights

Yet another massacre in the United States, this time in Florida, indicating that the USA is a major abuser of human rights. As this article indicates, the US might want to learn a lesson or two from China in the full exercise of genuine human rights:

The US will have to adopt gun control in the future. It’s better to decide sooner rather than later. Gun ownership in China is strictly regulated, which helps reduce gun-related crimes and deaths. The US should learn from China and genuinely protect human rights. If the US does not control its guns, problems caused by firearms in the foreseeable future will continue plaguing US society.


3 thoughts on “Florida massacre a major abuse of human rights

  1. The sum total of American experience is so shitty that gum control is just gonna lead to people killing each other in other ways. Gum control won’t work coz Americans hate each others and live in a dystopian society.

  2. Peking, China – Father Fu Tin-shan, one of a handful of Catholic priests still practicing a bizarre form of Catholicism in the People’s Republic of China, puts the late Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung on a par with God.

    “Chairman Mao gave us food, shelter and clothes. He stopped our suffering and led us to change the whole face of China,” said Fu in an interview here.

    Mao, the founder of modern China and its Communist Party, scored heavily in Fu’s explanation of Chinese Catholic theology.

    “God saves our souls, but the Communist party liberated us physically. We love the motherland and that is why our spirits will go to heaven,” Fu said.

    One of 10 Priests

    Fu is one of 10 priests and a small number of nuns who live and work within the faded baroque elegance of the Peking Catholic Church, built in 1950. All grew up as Catholics under the Nationalist Chinese government before the Communists took over. They do not wear clerical garb but vow celibacy, administer communion and hear confessions.

    Peking’s Catholic clergy approve of divorce and abortion and believe that the Vatican “has always been a tool of imperialism,” said Fu.

    “The Vatican took advantage of religion to sabotage the revolution,” Fu said. “It ordered everyone not to wear the uniform of the Communist Party or to read its literature.

    “Now it (the Vatican) has a so-called council in Taiwan, one of our provinces. There have been spies from Italy and bombing attempts.”

    “Ours is the China Catholic Church and we arrange it according to the teachings of Jesus Christ,” the priest said.

    Chinese Catholic congregations are made up of a dwindling number of elderly believers.

    Fu said that while he “would like more and more people to believe,” he feels it is “natural for young people to study Marxism-Leninism.”

    “We restrict our activities to inside the church, serving believers,” the priest said. “Some believers have tried to educate their own children with religious teachings, but the children follow their schoolteachers. But I don’t feel sad. Everyone has a free will and we cannot interfere.”

    Mao “taught us about the correct handling of contradictions,” said Fu. “In China we have freedom to believe or not to believe and no one has the right to force us to do either.”

    “Love Your Motherland”

    Asked first about abortion, Fu said that that even among theologians there is disagreement as to when a fetus actually becomes a human being. Asked then if he opposed killing humans in war, the priest said it was his understanding that the commandment, thou shalt not kill, “means killing your own countrymen.”

    He said, “remember that the Fourth Commandment says ‘Love your Motherland,’ so if it’s threatened by the enemy you must defend it.”

    Reminded that the commandment actually reads, “Honour thy father and thy mother,” Fu replies, “Yes, you’re right. But it really means ‘motherland.’”

    Asked if Christ were to return and see how His philosophy had been tampered with, might he not feel like Marx visiting the Soviet Union, the priest laughed.

    “Here we carry out Christ’s pure doctrine, but the Kremlin has betrayed Marx. We love Jesus Christ and his teachings, but the Vatican has betrayed its followers.”

    The Chinese church finances its activities with funds “accumulated from different activities before liberation,” said Fu. When those funds are gone “we’ll apply for help,” he said. “Besides, the Bible says not to worry about food and shelter because we will be provided for.”

    – “Chinese Priests Serves 2 Gods,” The Milwaukee Journal, 18 December 1976. Pg. 4

    Available at: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1499&dat=19761218&id=TAgqAAAAIBAJ&sjid=PikEAAAAIBAJ&pg=7007,5209385&hl=en

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