Second China Road conference: 1-2 December 2018

Preliminary conference notice: China Road, 2018

You are warmly invited to participate in the second China Road conference, to be held in Newcastle, Australia, on the weekend of 1-2 December, 2018. The conference will be primarily sponsored by the Academy of Marxism (within the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – CASS) .

The focus of the conference is Marxism in its various fields, with relevance to China.

The main body of the conference will take place on 2 December, with an informal welcome on the evening before. The conference will have the following format:

Morning session (9.00-11.30 am): keynote presentations (10-12).

Afternoon sessions (12.30-2.00 and 3.30-5.00 pm): panels with 3-4 papers each.

Length of keynote presentation: maximum 15 minutes.

Length of panel presentation: maximum 20 minutes.

If you wish to participate in this conference, we invite you to propose panels or individual papers. Subject areas may include philosophy, history, economics, education, literature, basic principles of Marxism, socialist values, Soviet Union, Europe (and European Maoism), religion and Marxism, China’s current situation.

Deadline for proposals: 30 August, 2018.

Deadline for papers to be sent beforehand: 1 November, 2018.

Please note: we are requesting papers beforehand so that they can be translated and distributed to participants.

Costs: Due to sponsorship by CASS, there will be no registration fee. You will need to cover visa costs, transport, accommodation and meals.


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