Top ten issues for this year’s parliamentary sessions in China

On Sunday, 3 March, 2019, the annual ‘two sessions’ will meet once again in Beijing. They are the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the highest legislative and advisory bodies in the country. Too little is known outside China about these core structures of Chinese governance, which involves more than 5,000 legislators and avisors, so here is a summary of results from a survey conducted by the People’s Daily. The survery, which asked people to list the top ten issues of public concern, garnered more than 4.4 million responses.


5 thoughts on “Top ten issues for this year’s parliamentary sessions in China

  1. Dear Roland,

    With regards to my last comment, on, there is a whole library of scanned literature on Christian Socialism from the nineteenth to early twentieth century, in both English and German. including pamphlets, journals (though some issues are missing, no doubt) and entire books. Source:

    Certain Christian Socialist titles that might interest you include;

    ‘The Christian State: A Political Vision of Christ (1895),’ by George D. Herron. Source:

    ‘Should Christians be Socialists? (1904),’ by T. Russell Williams. Source:

    ‘The religious doubts of democracy (1904)’ ed. George Haw. Source:

    ‘The New Theology and the Socialist Movement (1908),’ by R. J. Campbell. Source:

    ‘A Christian View of Socialism (1911),’ by George H. Strobell. Source:

    ‘Can a Man be a Christian on a – Pound a Week? (190?),’ by J. Hardie Keir. Source:

    … to name a few.

    Also, as was searching through the site, I discovered an interesting person whom might interest you, that is if you are not already familiar with him.

    William Montgomery Brown (1855–1937), sometimes referred to as “Bad Bishop” Brown.

    He became the first Episcopal bishop to be tried for heresy since the Reformation, and the first of any creed in America to be deposed for heretical teachings. Source:

    He wrote ‘Communism and Christianism (1920).’ Source:

    I hope this interest you.


  2. Hello Jackson, this is a great collection. I have used the site for original German material by Kautsky, especially ‘Forerunners of Modern Socialism’, in relation to the Red Theology book. More recently, I have found most of Moses Hess’s works there, since he was a close early collaborator with Marx and Engels and has much to say on the state under socialism (not its abolition, as the Anarchists later – following Max Stirner – proposed).

    1. Dear Roland,

      As you probably know, there is an extensive history of Christian Socialism in both nineteenth century England, ( and early twentieth century America (

      There is also an early historical treatise on CS in the UK, that can be found on Source:

      One last question, is there a reason why you haven’t dealt with the nineteenth century Christian Socialist movement?

      Is it because your work is exclusively about Marxist thinkers and there engagements with theology, and not so much about Christian thinkers and their engagement with Marxism/Socialism?


      1. That is correct: the earlier project focused on Marxist thinkers and leaders. A comrade from the Netherlands urged me for some time to write a book on theological engagement with Marxism, but that is a book only he could write – or maybe you? The closest I come is the ‘Red Theology’ book.

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