Lest we forget: the Red Army defeated fascism in the Second World War

One of the gains about taking one’s time in east Germany is that we are reminded of a simple fact: the Soviet Red Army defeated fascism in the Second World War.

The background: over 400 divisions battled on a 1600 km front for four years, compared to 15 each for the Germans and allies on the western front at its most intense time. 88% of German military dead fell on the eastern front, and the battle that first broke the Wehrmacht was Kursk, in July and August of 1943. Here the Soviets showed everyone how to beat a blitzkrieg – with a meticulously planned, flexible and in-depth defence. This was followed by Operation Bagration in Byelorussia, in June-August 1944, when the Red Army inflicted on the Wehrmacht the greatest defeat in German military history. By comparison, the contribution on the western front was a sideshow.

How is at least some of this remembered in east Germany? Many towns have memorials to Red Army soldiers who fell. I have earlier provided some images from the extraordinary Treptower Park in Berlin, but the following come from Frankfurt (Oder), Eisenhüttenstadt and Gartz.

7 thoughts on “Lest we forget: the Red Army defeated fascism in the Second World War

  1. The Soviet contribution to WW2 is incomparable, as are the losses they suffered. I went to the Soviet War cemetery in East Berlin (at the time of the DDR), and was amazed by the size of it.
    How soon their sacrifice was overlooked by the west.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes indeed, Pete, at least the West tries to overlook it.
      As for the West, I have at long last come to realise that it means a relatively small number of former colonisers from western Europe, along with only a few of their former colonies (USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia), which comprise only 10-14 percent of the global population. The vast majority of the world is increasingly disatisfied with the Western agenda, which is breaking up, and more of this majority are able to appreciate this simple fact of history.

  2. Hey y’all, I’ve been away from WordPress for a while. I’ve been wasting too much time on Twitter, but I’m still around! Oh, and I tried to reblog this and for some reason I can’t.

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