From Germany embracing Huawei’s 5G to Chinese economic prowess

While I have been researching Eastern European market socialism, with its breakthroughs and logjams, have not posted so much recently. But there are some interesting recent developments.

First, despite all the hype about Huawei in small corners of the world, business is booming with company sales improving more than 25 percent compared to last year. Its new phone, the Mate 30, simply challenges you to do without the nefarious dealings of Google. For some time now, I have not been using any of the Google items, so this is good news. Further, Germany has decided that Huawei poses no risks whatsover, and indeed that it helpfully prevents US spying, so the company that has most global patents in 5G will be integral to Germany’s development.

On a related note, despite all the uncertainties of the global situation and with a new wave of US-driven nationalistic protectionism, the Chinese economy is moving ahead solidly. Chinese experts have have been predicting a gradual slowing of growth for some time, as China makes a transition from high volume to high quality, and with a focus on ecological civilisation (shengtai wenming). Then again, 6 to 6.5 percent growth now in China is equivalent to 15 percent 10 years ago, and it is way above standard levels elsewhere.


7 thoughts on “From Germany embracing Huawei’s 5G to Chinese economic prowess

  1. “On a related note, despite all the uncertainties of the global situation and with a new wave of nationalistic protectionism rampant”

    By this do you mean Chinese nationalism? I know nationalism depends on the nation but what I wanna know is how the average chinese person and the government treat foreigners during this stupid trade war. Do you have any recommendations for maybe youtube or podcasts of foreigners in China and what their perspective is? ADVChina on youtube gives out some really ignorant takes and is pretty negative

    it’s disappointing there isn’t more space for them to “brain drain” American workers to the same degree America does to them

    1. I wouldn’t take ADVChina seriously. There knowledge of modern Chinese history and politics is laughable. Roland Boer has already wrote an article about these kinds of pseudo China experts. Just because you’ve lived in a country and learned its language doesn’t make you an expert. Most people are woefully ignorant about the history and political system of their own country let alone those of other countries.

  2. On the trade side of things, Chinese trade with the United States has dropped to an all-time low of about 10 percent (down from 20 percent, which was already not so high). Even before the trade ‘war’, China already conducted the vast majority of its trade with other countries. This is even more the case now and is one reason why the trade ‘war’ has not really affected China that much.

  3. Dear Roland,

    Can you please tell me what the first major works in the Marxist canon that predicted and prophesised a Communist World Revolution, specifically one that would be simultaneous, if there are any?


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