China’s military technology at least four years ahead of the rest

More and more aspects of Chinese technology have now leapt ahead of the rest of the world, from high speed trains to internet technology. Now it is military technology.

I remember reading this article by Vasily Kashin in October, soon after the amazing 70th anniversary celebrations of the New China. I have mentioned this article on a number of occasions in China, to much excitement, and returned to it recently.

Kashin is a Russian military expert and viewed with great interest the new military hardware on display at the wonderful parade in Beijing on 1 October, 2019. I recommend that you read the whole article, but these points are particularly noteworthy:

‘Making its debut at the China Day parade was the Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) intercontinental ballistic missile, which is capable of reaching any point in the continental United States in 30 minutes at Mach 25 carrying as many as 10 independently-targetable warheads … the introduction of these weapons of mass destruction by a US rival other than Russia remains impressive and sobering’.

Kashin mentions evidence of serious innovations, with methods never tried fully elsewhere, such as the use of the ramjet engine in cruise missles and high-altitude drones with liquid-propellant rocket engines. He observes that ‘China is taking a leading position in many areas regarding the development of military equipment’ and that ‘Chinese military and engineers are not afraid to try extremely original, never-used concepts and approaches’.

As for being at least four years ahead:

Kashin refers to the medium-range ballistic missile DF-17, the ‘first missile in the world equipped with a hypersonic manoeuvrable warhead. The United States expects to form the first experimental battery of its medium-range ballistic missiles with hypersonic warheads by 2023. Thus, the Americans are at best lagging four years‘.

A final observation: it makes the accusation levelled at China of ‘technology theft‘ or ‘forced technology transfer’ quite empty. How can you steal someone’s else’s technology when yours is the most advanced?

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