The China Model: Bruce Aylward, head of WHO-China joint mission

Here are a series of sections from news conferences and interviews by Bruce Aylward, who is head of the World Health Organisation – China joint mission. They concern the COVID-19 outbreak. There are some overlaps between them, but the first deals with the immense collective response by the whole Chinese population, where the social good is paramount:

The second and third urge the rest of the world to follow China’s example and experience, of what is called the ‘China Model’:

There is also an interview on the China Daily website, where Aylward explains how the differentiated approach in China works. In each area, the response is tailored to what is needed. Not only has this experience been learned through the poverty alleviation project, but it also provides a model for how to deal with COVID-19 outbreaks elsewhere. It is worth noting that even Canada is following the China Model. It is unfortunate that in Australia the regime had thrown up its hands and said it is unable to do anything, which is really admitting that the health system in Australia – after years of cutbacks – is now in a pretty bad condition.

The final interview has Aylward finish by saying, ‘If I had COVID-19, I would want to be treated in China’. I cannot agree more.