This will not be forgotten: China, Russia and Cuba send much-needed aid to 82 countries

The world is certainly changing fast. I never thought I would see the day that IL76 Russian aerospace transport planes would land in Western Europe. 14 of them did precisely that in the last 48 hours, landing in a very grateful Italy with loads of medical supplies and personnel from Russia.

Certainly a welcome sight, especially when the USA and even the EU refuse to help anyone outside their borders, or even inside (as with Italy).

From Russia with love:

China was actually the first to send assistance, in terms of expertise, advice, personnel and medical equipment to many countries in Europe, but also East Asia, Central Asia and Africa, with which it has developed a close and very special relationship. At the time of writing, China has now sent assistance to 82 countries. Chinese SOEs and enterprises have been sending desperately needed supplies and personnel with COVID-19 experience to all these areas.

The following clip concerns the arrival of Chinese medical supplies in Serbia, where the president, Aleksandar Vucic, kisses the Chinese flag and says that Serbian people will never forget this kindness.

Here is an image of medical equipment arriving in Ethiopia from the Alibaba foundation, to be distributed throughout Africa. Note the quotation from Nelson Mandela. Each of the supplies from China to many countries has featured a quotation from the local cultural context.

Last but by no means least, Cuba has also stepped up to send supplies and personnel to areas worst hit by COVID-19. Why? Cuba has a far better health system than a country like the USA.

And here is a video clip concerning the efforts of all three:

Worth noting: two of the countries in question have a socialist system and one had such a system in the not too distant past.

These acts will not be forgotten in the new world order that emerges by the dawn of 2021.