Apart from voyages by ship and cycling as far and as often as I can, I am a writer with a passion for Marxism and religion. Although this is the main focus of my work, I do write other material, as you will see from the list of publications. These include communism, philosophy, theology, and biblical studies (occasionally), as well as  travel stories and commentary on current events concerning religion and politics. Plus you will find material in various languages, like Chinese, Danish, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, Italian, Korean, Russian, Romanian, Farsi and Turkish. Many of my travel stories now appear at Voyages on the Left, although they are often published in travel magazines.

For those who are interested, I divide my time between different universities in Australia, China and Denmark. For the most comprehensive source of my interests, this site is my webpage.

I like speaking my mind, being misinterpreted, and scaring the shit out of good, upright and conservative citizens. But I am also a bit of a hermit, enjoy sleep, the company of those close to me, cycling, ships (or did I say that), trains, collecting old wood and making furniture, or pieces of ancient bicycle and constructing new ones from them.

For those not aware of what my writing is like, here are some of my favourite glowing assessments:

– self-serving and icky

– all style and no substance

– anticipated with fear and trembling

– purveyor of pornography

– mystifying and dismaying

– garbage

– yellow journalism

– the sentiment the author expresses here is the oddest I have ever read in a scholarly work

– Stalinist and apologist for the strong-arm tactics of the Maoists and the PRC

– Gelernt haben ich nichts

– agent of provocation

But why ‘Stalin’s Moustache’? Do I want to rehabilitate Stalin, who was more ambiguous than the popular conception would have it? That is up to the reader to decide, although – in case the quirkiness of Australian humour is not obvious already – one should never take what is written here too seriously. The reader should never assume that I agree with what I have written. Like Lenin’s jutting chin of history, I suspect that one of Stalin’s greatest achievements was that amazing moustache.

As Tito (from Yugoslavia) once said: ‘Stalin is known the world over for his moustache’.



3 Responses to “About”

  1. I have been following you for some time, but just recently heard your interview on Homebrewed Christianity. Really great interview; thanks for all of your fascinating work.

  2. Mathias Says:

    Good evening! I didn’t know how a better way to contact you, so I thought to use this page. I’ve got two questions (until now, that is). It would be nice of you, if you could answer them.
    1. Have you ever written works that include the thought of Walter Benjamin? If not, why not? For me he is the first thinker, who comes to my mind if I think about Marxism and Theology in a symbiotic not antagonistic way. (Maybe together with Adorno.)
    2. Which of your works would you suggest for someone to read, who wants to get to know your ‘style’ of thinking?

    Thanks and regards

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