A new post on Arminianism and Calvinism (challenging Weber’s dodgy thesis) is up at the Political Theology blog. If you accept Weber’s premises (which I do not), then it was Arminianism, not Calvinism, that provided the enabling ethic of capitalism. Already a debate is on, with none less than the manager of the blog, Brad Littlejohn.


New link on my blogroll: ЧТО ДЕЛАТЬ / What Is To Be Done? – a radical group of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers from Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod. Worth a look (via Sergey).

James Crossley, who used to write regularly on Earliest Christian History, but now prefers to write about bibliobloggers, may not quite be telling us the full story. I found this curious item on Amazon:

Catalogue of the First Portion of the Very Extensive, Curious & Valuable Library of James Crossley Which Will Be Sold By Auction By Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge.

‘Extensive, curious and valuable’ – what is in your library James?


The September issue of the Bulletin is now available online! You can find it here. There are articles on biblioblogging by Jim West, James McGrath, Robert Cargill, James Crossley and some idiot from Australia. In addition, there is a follow up by Mike Grimshaw on the debate about the place of postmodern theology in the discipline of religious studies. As always, the editorial is accessible for free, and the issue concludes with the latest from Weep.

(ht Craig Martin)

Deane Galbraith, of Dunedin School infamy, but now on the reputable Religion Bulletin blog. A very, juicy post on a tubby, monkishly smirking John Milbank, the new Chair of the Committee for the Reconstruction of Christendom.

It is indeed – over here.

I should have added Rod of A’s blog to my blogroll ages ago – Political Jesus. A more than worthy blog to step into the breach in the barricades caused by the Vulgar Marxist’s departure.

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