Two new items: Criticism of Religion (paperback) and Narratives of the Fall

Criticism of Religion is now out in paperback from Haymarket Books (that reputable press run by the International Socialists – in the USA, of all places).

And on Bible and Interpretation a new piece called ‘Narratives of the Fall‘ – on the nature and practices of biblical criticism.


Bargain on Criticism of Religion

A rare chance for a real bargain. The stars have aligned to make the paperback of Criticism of Religion very cheap indeed. First, the Book Depository is offering a pre-order discount of 25% (down to USD $20.75). The pre-order period lasts another 41 days. Second, for those of us in the Land of Oz, the Australian dollar has crashed through to USD $1.07, which makes the book AUD $19.42. You can get it here.

A few lefty books etc

25% off on these pre-orders, free shipping with the Book Depository. Given the strength of the Aussie dollar, not bad deals:

My Criticism of Religion (paperback), volume two of Criticism of Heaven and Earth.

Richard Day’s and Daniel Gaido’s Witness to Permanent Revolution

Peter Thomas’s The Gramscian Moment

Mikko Lahtinen’s Politics and Philosophy (met him at the Historical Materialism conference in London)

And … Matt Chrulew, who has finished a great thesis on Foucault and religion, has published  piece in the special Foucault issue of the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory.

And while we are at it – a couple more book covers

First, the cover for the paperback of Criticism of Religion (volume 2 in the series), which will be out by May with Haymarket:

And then the son of N.T. Wrong has produced a nice little cover for Right Behind: A Novel of the Arse-End of Time (which I was urged yet again today to get published):