The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has come up with an easy way to measure what they call your fitness age – without having to exhaust yourself on a treadmill (with the same result). They have put the calculator here.

For me, the vital statistics are:


How often do you exercise? Almost every day.

How long is your workout each time? 30 minutes or more.

How hard do your train? I go all out

Age: 52

What does your waistline measure in cm? 80

What is your resting pulse (per minute)? 46

Estimated fitness age: under 20!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I’ve proved them wrong. Following on my earlier efforts at yoga (here and here), today I managed a headstand. I have been trying this one for weeks, if not months. I have almost broken my foot, my leg, my neck, I have thumped up and down, swayed here and there, never getting my legs much past waist high. And then today I decided to use a cupboard as a fall breaker, along with full engagement of the mysterious ‘core’. Up I went into a crouch and then, before I new it, my legs were up. I’ve never done this before in my life.


And then I almost busted my neck, since the shot took ages.

What’s next? How about this?