Selected Publications

The following selection deals with my current project on Socialism in Power, or the Marxist philosophy of the construction of socialism.


Forthcoming    Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Estimated completion: 2020.

In press              Friedrich Engels and The Foundations of Socialist Governance. Beijing: Renmin University Press. Submitted 3 August 2019.

Book Chapters

In press              ‘Seeking a Xiaokang Society: (U)topia and China’. The Palgrave Handbook of Utopian and Dystopian Literature. Eds. Peter Marks, Fátima Vieira and Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor. Singapore: Springer/Palgrave Macmillan.

In press              ‘Friedrich Engels’. Handbook of Marxism and Post-Marxism. Eds. Alex Callinicos, Stathis Kouvelakis, and Lucia Pradella.

2019                     ‘Xi Jinping’s China: Keeping the Imagination Alive Under Socialism in Power’. Socialist Imaginations: Utopias, Myths, and the Masses. Eds. Stefan Arvidsson, Jakub Beneš and Anja Kirsch. London: Routledge, pp. 244-64.

2019                     ‘The State and Minority Nationalities (Ethnic Groups) in China’. In The Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity. Ed. Steven Ratuva. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan (Springer), pp. 1-15.

2017                     ‘Shehuizhuyi maodunlun xintan (社会主义 矛盾论新探)’. ‘A New Probe Into the Theory of Socialist Contradictions’. Qimeng, Lishi guanyu makesi bianzhengfa (启蒙、历史观与马克思主义辩证法). Guizhou: Guizhou renmin chubanshe, pp. 140-56.

2017                     ‘Makesizhuyi zhong de yigu “nuanliu” (马克思主义中的一股“暖流”)’. ‘A “Warm Current” in the Midst of Marxism’. Qimeng: Lishiguan yu makesi bianzhengfa (启蒙、历史观与马克思主义辩证法). Guizhou: Guizhou renmin chubanshe, pp. 16-27.

Journal Articles

Under review    ‘Sovereignty and Human Rights: A Comparison between Western European and Chinese Marxist Traditions’. Marxist Studies in China.

Under review    ‘Friedrich Engels and the Enmeshed Nature of Socialist Governance’. Iştirakî.

Under review    ‘Friedrich Engels and the Dying Away of the State’. Iştirakî.

Under review    ‘Friedrich Engels and the Proletarian Dictatorship’. Iştirakî.

In press              ‘Babel Versus Pentecost: Stalin and the Dialectics of Linguistic Diversity’. Studies in East European Thought.

2019                     ‘人类命运共同体的理论内涵与现实价值’ (The Theoretical Meaning and Real Value of the Community of Common Destiny for Humankind). Co-authored with Zang Fengyu. 中央社会主义学院学报 (Journal of the Central Institute of Socialism) 2019.4: 9-17.

2019                     ‘Marx’s Ambivalence: State, Proletarian Dictatorship and Commune’. International Critical Thought 9.1: 109-27.

2019                     ‘Engels ve Burjuva Devleti: Ayrı Bir Kamusal Güçten Gewalt‘a’ (‘Engels and the Bourgeois State: From Separated Public Power to Gewalt’). Iştirakî 13: 41-58. Translated into Turkish.

2019                     ‘The Christian State’. Bloomsbury Companion to Marx. Eds. Jeff Diamanti, Andrew Pendakis and Imre Szeman. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 107-19.

2018                     ‘Is a Socialist Civil Society Possible?’ Berlin Journal of Critical Theory 2.1: 61-82.

2018                     ‘Civil Society or Bourgeois Society? An Alternative History, from Hegel to Losurdo’. Berlin Journal of Critical Theory 2.4: 5-32.

2018                     ‘Blochs “Ungleichzeitigkeit” und die Widersprüche des chinesischen Sozialismus’. Das Argument: Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften 325: 54-64.

2017                     ‘Makesizhuyi “nuanliu” yu zhongguohua makesizhuyi (马克思主义“暖流”与中国化马克思主义)’. ‘Marxism’s “Warm Stream” Within Chinese Marxism’. Shehuikexue Jikan 2017.3: 22-31.

2017                     ‘From Berne to Yan’an: The Theoretical Breakthroughs of Lenin and Mao’. Crisis and Critique 4.2: 60-84.

2017                     ‘After October: Towards a Theory of the Socialist State’. International Critical Thought 7.3: 309-26.

2016                     ‘Concerning the “Warm Stream” within Marxism’. International Critical Thought 6.1: 13-28.

2015                     ‘Between Vulgar and Ruptural Dialectics: Reassessing Lenin on Hegel’. International Critical Thought 5.1: 52-66.

2015                     ‘Against Culturism: Reconsidering Stalin on Nation and Class’. The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review 42: 247-73.

2014                     ‘Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics’. Crisis and Critique 1.1: 47-65.

2013                     ‘Revolution in the Event: The Problem of Kairós’. Theory, Culture and Society 30.2: 116-34.

2013                     ‘The Privatization of Eschatology and Myth: Ernst Bloch Versus Rudolf Bultmann’. The Privatization of Hope: Ernst Bloch and the Future of Utopia. Eds. Peter

2013                     ‘A Totality of Ruins: Adorno on Kierkegaard’. Cultural Critique 83 (Winter): 1-30.

2012                     ‘Towards Unethical Insurgency’. Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture & Society 25.1: 38-51. Translated into Chinese as ‘Zou xiang nu lunli xue de fanpan’, Marxism and Reality 2015.1: 131-38.

2012                     ‘Engels’s Contradictions: A Reply to Tristram Hunt’. International Socialism: A Quarterly Journal of Socialist Theory 133 (Winter): 195-204.

2012                     ‘Engels and Women, Intimately: Of Pleasure, Agency and Literary Worlds’. Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory 40.2: 161-78.