Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (book draft)

‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is Socialism, and not some other -ism’ – Xi Jinping (2012).

I am currently working on a book entitled Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. The book relies primarily on Chinese language Marxist scholarship, since most of this material is unknown outside China.

In what follows, there is a book outline along with completed draft chapters. Over time, I will provide more draft chapters in a pre-publication format.

  • Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (book outline) – download here.
  • Chapter One: Reading Deng Xiaoping – download here.
  • Chapter Two: Contradiction Analysis – download here.
  • Chater Three: Reform and Opening-Up – download here.
  • Chapter Four: China’s Socialist Market Economy – download here.
  • Chapter Five: Seeking a Xiaokang Society, or, Socialist Modernisation – download here.
  • Chapter Nine: Sovereignty and Human Rights – download here.