OK, I’m getting weary of all those thunder thighs (much needed of course, for the parents of all humanity), so a few more offbeat images of Adam and Eve – which will also be the last of Adam and Eve for a while.

I always wondered what sex in the garden was like … or was it more like this?

Have you ever noticed that the trees providing mind-altering possibilities were not off limits?

… which may actually explain certain things:

Cup of tea in hand, some enticement needed to get some onerous tasks out of the way, so who better to help me focus than that sensuous and tragic pair:

I’m not sure that will quite do it.

Nor that really.

Getting better …

And better …

What’s with the cat?

In what has become my constitutional early morning pick-me-up before getting on with the day, some more Adam and Eve, although now with a classical bent:

What puzzles me about these, apart form the stiltedness, is the lack of pubic hair. Given that razors, waxing, Brazilians and the like were not the rage, where’s the jungle? Where’s the snail trail? Where are the hirsute legs? Same below:

And with this one, the garden certainly doesn’t look like it was doing their health much good. Emaciation, signs of being malnourished, wan looks.

Eve too begins to look almost prepubescent. Adam may have a beard, but Eve is barely in her teens.

That lion is not impressed with arrangements.

One or two people seem to be hooked on the morning-cup-of-tea porn, so here is the next installment – still with that redoubtable pair:

Of course, one of the largest retailers of what they call ‘sexual aids’ is called Adam and Eve. Apparently, they also produce quality films and act as agents to some of the great film stars.

Nothing like some biblical erotica first thing in the morning – focuses the concentration. More on Adam and Eve:

I guess one has to begin somewhere, although the material on Adam and Eve is pretty extensive. Here’s a few to start the carnival.