Lenin seems to think so:

The European proletariat may say that its science was created by two scholars and fighters, whose relationship to each other surpasses the most moving stories of the ancients about human friendships … His [Engels’s] love for the living Marx, and his reverence for the memory of the dead Marx were boundless. This stern fighter and austere thinker possessed a deeply loving soul (Lenin, Collected Works, vol. 2, p. 26.


The Mossad is not really living up to its full title these days: The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים). They might have been on a special operation in Dubai to take out Mahmoud al-Mabhouh but there was little intelligence shown, since it was all captured beautifully on closed circuit television. Plenty of coverage at Vulgar Marxism and the mainstream press (not that VM is that mainstream).

However, I would like to suggest another approach to secret agents who stuff up. In 2 Samuel 10, King David (he of legendary fame) sends a few men under false passports to Hanun, king of the Ammonites, ostensibly to comfort him upon the death of his father. But Hanun and his buddies ain’t stupid: they realise the men are spies, out to survey the city so it can be attacked. What does Hanun do to the spies?

So Hanun seized David’s servants, shaved off half the beard of each, cut off their garments in the middle at level of their buttocks, and sent them away (2 Samuel 10:4).

You know, instead of slapping Israel with a wet diplomatic lettuce leaf over the affair, Australia, the UK and Canada – whose citizens have had their passports stolen by Mossad – should not only insist that Mossad spies be done over in this fashion, but they should also do this to the Israeli ambassadors in each country.