Note where the three flowers have chosen to grow.

I have already scheduled this item for the agenda at the next strata meeting over here, since I like the thought of nine apartments agreeing to setting up a similar gathering of the gang. Should be a cinch, especially since I managed to wrangle the all-important secretary position. Is not the secretary the most important member of the party? (ht sk)


Now this is a group that deserves your total support, better known in French as Le Front pour la Libération des Nains de Jardin (in Italy this terrorist organisation is known as MALAG – Movimento Autonomo per la Liberazione delle Anime da Giardino). Their slogan: de-ridicularising the figurines by placing them back in their natural environment. The front has been in operation for over a decade, first striking in 1997 and removing over 100 gnomes from their gardens, relocating them in forests or in prominent positions in cities with placards in order to draw attention to their plight. Several acts followed, such as the gnome mass suicide (they were found hanging form nooses on a bridge in country France), freedom from garden shows, and declarations calling for the liberation of gnomes from their ignominious roles as pretty (or ugly) decorations. The Italian branch, MALAG, has established a sanctuary for gnomes in Barga near Lucca (I can witness to this with my own eyes – from a 2004 visit to Lucca) where gnomes are free to roam, away from the prison and torture of gardens. They have been known to enjoy sex for the first time in Barga, among other pursuits we take for granted.