So Tiger Woods is taking an unspecified break from golf. Makes you wonder what revelation is to come next (Maybe that ‘German zookeeper bitten by Tiger’ is next). But more importantly, I suggest every golfer should take an indefinite break as well. Mickey Gallagher passed on this story about the late George Carlin.

He used to do a routine on golf where he suggested that all the property that comprises golf courses is just going to waste and that it should be given to the homeless. Enough said. Here’s the brilliant video:


… which has decided to close down since the divine Tiger has, well, swerved from the straight and narrow of late – as well as rooting like a wombat (you know, it eats roots and leaves), chugging on the grog, smashing cars, snoring naked in public places and generally making himself much more interesting than the boring golfer he was. Whoever invented that dumb game, in which you  knock a tiny ball around a huge field with a big stick, trying to get it into one little hole after another, should have been shot. No wonder Tiger took to drink.