Deane Galbraith, of Dunedin School infamy, but now on the reputable Religion Bulletin blog. A very, juicy post on a tubby, monkishly smirking John Milbank, the new Chair of the Committee for the Reconstruction of Christendom.


A good number slipped over to Scribd to read the earlier version of the red tory piece, but there is now a revised and thereby much better version now up.

Soon to come out in the Bulletin for the Study of Religion, a pre-publication of our piece on Red Toryism. Some reading while I am away from those blanketing waves of  internet and mobile-phone connectivity.

Having battled my way through John Milbank’s contribution to The Monstrosity of Christ, I was struck by three things (not having read Milbank since, well, Theology and Social Theory).

a. It really is the most audacious effort to absolutise theology, to which the answer must a radical relativisation of theology.

b. He’s become a warrior for the Counter-Reformation.

c. He exhibits that dreadful embarrassment of all Anglo-Catholics: if Henry VIII hadn’t had a wandering dick, they’d all still be snug and cosy with the bishop of Rome.