Happy New Year: USSR Style

This one is from the Siberian Times, which has the intriguing slogan, ‘What happens in Sibera stays in Siberia … unless it is covered by The Siberian Times’. This is a great piece, called ‘S Novym Godom! In pictures, how the USSR marked the happy times at New Year,’ concerning celebrations of New Year in the USSR. Surprise, surprise, people enjoyed themselves.

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Boots, macaroni, new year and kind words: the other side of Lenin

Snippets from volume 44 of the Collected Works.

On boots, from a telegram during the ‘civil’ war in 1919:

Yevestky, Chief of Supplies, Southern Front

During July you were sent a considerable quantity of uniforms and footwear.

Despite this, in all the armies on the Southern Front some units are without boots or clothing.

On pain of being held personally answerable, I order you to take vigorous measures to immediately distribute what has been received among the needy units.

Collected Works, vol. 44, p. 274.

On macaroni, during the same war, now in 1920:

Comrade Basin,

Please convey my thanks to the 30th Regiment of Red Communards of the Turkestan Front for the macaroni and flour, which I have handed over to the children of the city of Moscow.

Collected Works, vol. 44, p. 374

A new year wish:

January 1, 1919

Greetings and New Year salutations to the Communist group. With all my heart I wish that in the new year we shall all commit fewer stupidities than in the old and that the building up of Soviet power, to which the comrades of the Commissariat for Internal Affairs in particular are devoting their labours, will be carried to a successful conclusion.

And some kind words:

I would dearly love to say a lot of kind words to you to make things easier for you.

Collected Works, vol. 43, p. 602.

I should like, if only in a letter, to grip your hand hard, very hard, to express my love and the love of us all for Vera Mikhailovna.

Collected Works, vol. 4, p. 150.