‘The kingdom of workers and peasants shall have no end

The last line of the banner comes straight from the Russian version of the Nicene Creed, and the logo is for the RSFSR (precursor to the USSR).

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A while back we decided to attend worship in every different type of church represented in Newcastle. There’s a shitload – Ukrainian, Macedonian and Greek Orthodox, Church of the East, Christian Israelite, Christadelphians, Christian Scientists, Spiritualists, Brethren … As you can see, we’re interested in ones that may not usually show up on the radar. But we may also traverse one or two of the more familiar types, such the Lutheran Church we went to this morning, where Pastor Shake-his-jowls-for-emphasis was on.

Anyway, I noticed in the Nicene Creed (which retains the filioque without parentheses) that they had the line: ‘I believe in one holy *Christian and apostolic Church’. Now, the asterisk on ‘Christian’ leads one to a footnote that reads:

Or as the original text: And I believe in one holy catholic Church (‘catholic’ here means ‘universal’).

Long live the Reformation, even to the point of not confusing the unwary!