I know every country has at least one: Australians have vegemite, Americans have hamburgers, Danes have sylte (a gelatine loaf made out of pig’s hooves and unidentifiable odds and ends from the animal) and Norwegians have:

The wedge is self-explanatory (if you can’t read, the picture of prawns might help), but the first one: dead pig and cheese – in a tube!


On my recent tour along the Norwegian section of the North Sea Coastal route, which had plenty of mountains, wind and rain and moments like this …

… I came across what must be among some of the more innovative signage I’ve seen for a while:

Now Norwegains aren’t great ones for bicycles (I’m afraid to say, for they have a great love for cars), but this is pushing it to a whole new level.

Judge for yourself:

That supposed neck-wrecker/pillow simply cannot be removed or put in a comfortable position. Come on, Norway, what happened to innovative Scandinavian design?