New posts: Adam Smith the Storyteller, and a Political Theology top ten

Two new posts of mine have appeared on the Political Theology Today blog

1. Adam Smith, Storyteller

2. 100 Years of Political Theology: Roland Boer’s Top Ten


The Arminian Ethic and the Spirit of Calvinism

A new post on Arminianism and Calvinism (challenging Weber’s dodgy thesis) is up at the Political Theology blog. If you accept Weber’s premises (which I do not), then it was Arminianism, not Calvinism, that provided the enabling ethic of capitalism. Already a debate is on, with none less than the manager of the blog, Brad Littlejohn.

Two new posts: Political Theology and Philosophers for Change

Some more shameless self-promotion: a couple of pieces of mine have found their way onto other sites:

1. ‘Taking Notes 13: Roadblocks of the Old New Left’, is up at Philosophers for Change.

2. ‘From Political Economy to Imperial Monotheisms: On Transitions in the Sacred Economy’, is on the Political Theology blog.

From Political Theology to Utopia, or from China to Romania

I may not be able to post as often as I would like over the next few weeks, since I am off:

To Fudan (in Shanghai) at the Centre for the Study of Marxism Abroad, where I will lead a seminar on Marxism and religion for a month:

At Fudan I will meet an old friend:

And take part in a conference on Political Theology in Taiwan, which I have had a hand in organising:

And then it’s a stint as keynote at a conference on utopias in Baia Mare, in the Maramureş in Romania, where I will speak on Ernst Bloch: