Today, the second day of Christmas, or St Stephen’s day, or indeed ‘Boxing’ day, also happens to be Mao’s birthday. He was born on this day, 26 December, in 1893 – 124 years ago. If you are in China, it is not a bad time to visit his birthplace in Shaoshan, Hunan province.


In preparation for the MOOC on Chinese Marxism, I had  a Chines film crew over October and November of last year. We filmed in Beijing, but especially at the major sites of the Chinese Revolution: Shaoshan, Ruijin and Yan’an. I was even able to sit at the desk in Mao’s room in both Ruijin and Yan’an, where the seeds of modern China were sown.






The film crew from the ‘Red Tour’ of November 2016 has put together a short documentary of the experience. It came through wechat, but I have copied the link here. The documentary is a little way into the page, but the page also contains some photographs. We are discussing a longer documentary that will include the national day in Tiananmen on 1 October.