Quirky signs with unwitting senses – part of the pleasure of travel in distant places.


This is the name of a well endowed cafe at Leipzig railway station. Not to be outdone, the ship from Riga to Stockholm sports a somewhat different culinary experience:


But my favourite is this one, on the old train from Minsk to Riga:


It took me a moment to realise that there is no red line through the lit cigarette, for in the vestibule at the end of each carriage you can indeed smoke. How civilised!


On my recent tour along the Norwegian section of the North Sea Coastal route, which had plenty of mountains, wind and rain and moments like this …

… I came across what must be among some of the more innovative signage I’ve seen for a while:

Now Norwegains aren’t great ones for bicycles (I’m afraid to say, for they have a great love for cars), but this is pushing it to a whole new level.