Pre-publication version of ‘Sovereignty and Human Rights’ available

The final item of three on human rights from a Chinese Marxist perspective is now available. It is my most complete study on the question, offering a comparison between Western European liberal and Chinese Marxist traditions. It may be found at Australian Academy of Humanties symposia website.

‘Sovereignty and Human Rights: A Comparison between the Western European liberal and Chinese Marxist Traditions’. Link here.


Two (of three) articles on Chinese Marxist approaches to human rights

In the process of writing a series of three articles on Chinese Marxist human rights, two pre-publication versions have been posted on – of all things – the website of the Australian Academy of Humanities. I do not quite understand why they asked for them, given the other items, but there you go:

1. The State and Minority Nationalities in China

2. ‘We Have Freedom of Religion’: Understanding Chinese Marxist Approaches to Human Rights

3. Sovereignty and Human Rights: A Chinese Perspective (this one will be complete by January)