Given that Sergey K and I comprise the judging panel for the Stalin Prize (new series), I thought I would offer some guidelines for the architecture section. You see, one of the advantages of being in East Berlin is that you are smack-bang in the middle of the some of best examples.

All you need do is head down to Karl Marx Allee, described by Aldo Rossi as ‘Europe’s last great street’:

And there is whole bloody boulevard (sorry allee, although boulevard derives the Dutch, bolwerk) of the stuff:

(OK, I didn’t take that shot, but I took the rest)

It’s suitably monumental, as with the Frankfurter Tor:

It also needs to be both solid and eternal:

With a suitably worn feel:

And careful attention to detail:

Above all, it needs the finger from none other than …

… Charlie M.

As an afterthought, a few examples of the kind of sculpture that would also win the prize:


For those interested that great film, Padenie Berlina (The Fall of Berlin), parts one and two are now available for download. And you don’t even need to agree to download the (possibly dodgy) software the site suggests. The film is unique, not only as the first film about the Second World War, but also because Stalin himself chose the actors, had a large hand in the script, and appeared in it himself.

To complete the circle, it also won the Stalin Prize, first degree. The world is a poorer place without the Stalin prize, so I suggest it be restored.