Engels has arrived!

I was hoping to have these for the Society of Biblical Literature meeting last week, but at least they came before leaving Oslo. Two glorious Friedrich Engels T-shirts:

They will help me focus on two articles I want to write over the next few weeks, one on Engels, beer and tobacco (or the good life), and the other on Engels and women.

However, at SBL I was not entirely unclothed, for I had a Mao T-shirt in reserve:

(ht pc)

Christmas gift suggestions from the CPA

When I start feeling clannish and soppy at Christmas I turn to the Communist Party of Australia for gift suggestions. You can’t go past their t-shirt selection, which is where I bought my infamous Lenin t-shirt, the one that caused a walkout at SBL. Other recommended shirts include the ‘Improve your Marx’ one, as well as the good old CCCP one. For the more thoughtful gift, a subscription to the Australian Marxist Review is good value, especially since I have an article in the latest issue (50).