The Anti-Fascist Trail (on a Brompton)

I have been focused for the last week or two on writing daily reports about the Anti-Fascist Trail – a bicycle ride for a month along the former ‘inner-German border’ between east and west Germany. Some call it the ‘Iron Curtain Trail’ or the ‘Green Band’, but a far better name is the Anti-Fascist Trail.

If you are interested, you can find the reports at Voyages on the Left. They say that the heart of Germany lies east of the Elbe River. If this is so, then East Germany was in the heart of Germany and this history is even more important in Germany today than it was even ten years ago.


Two announcements: Lenin and Theology, and Voyages on the Left

A bit of a gap since my last posts, but I have been out of internet contact – still possible in most places in the world. Regular posts will not resume until later in August; then I will discuss:

a. Lenin and Theology (aka. Son of Criticism of Heaven and Earth). This will be a triangulation between those 43 volumes of Lenin’s collected works I picked up the basement of the New International Bookshop in Melbourne (here’s a sucker, they thought), Althusser’s Lenin and Philosophy and some of my thoughts.

b. Voyages on the Left. A new blog where I will post all my travel stories, ship’s logs and scribbles, past, present and future. There’s a shitload, so it should click along.