I’m taking a small break for a couple of days; decided to finish a desk for Steph, my daughter who turns 21 soon (as in April). Actually she’s the third one to turn 21 so far. But then my eldest will be 30 shortly. Back to the desk. Steph was complaining about sore neck and shoulders after long periods of study – she’s studying biotechnology – so I agreed to make her a desk that would: a) give her heaps of desk space; b) support her elbows and arms as she writes on her computer; c) have plenty of leg room (which she needs at 185 cm, or 6ft 1in); d) be the correct height.

So I gathered some old timber from the roadside, backyards etc, and came up with this:

Still due to go up to Steph’s study, which happens to be the loft with a view over the harbour one way and the mountains the other. Forgotten coal cities have their charms – and cheap rents.