Some may have been wondering at the sober tone of my blog of late. Well, the reason is that my mother, who has reprimanded me already, still has access to the internet – until 20 June. But I can’t resist this post, for I have finished the full draft for my next book, Fleshly Readings. The table of contents is:

Part A. Song of Songs

1. The Second Coming: Repetition and Insatiable Desire in the Song of Songs

2. Keeping It Literal? The Economy of the Song of Songs

3. A Fleshly Reading: Masochism and Ecocriticism

Part B. Masculinities

4. The Patriarch’s Nuts

5. Too Many Dicks at the Writing Desk, or, How to Organise a Prophetic Sausage-Fest

6. Of Fine Wine, Incense and Spices: The Unstable Masculine Hegemony of the Books of Chronicles

7. Yahweh as Top: A Lost Targum

7. Skin Gods: Circumcising the Built Male Body

Part C. Paraphilias

9. Hooker Hermeneutics

10. King Solomon Meets Annie Sprinkle

11. Orientalist Camp: On Allen Edwardes

12. Hittites, Horses and Corpses: On Bestiality and Necrophilia in the Hebrew Bible

Or even worse (or better), can you have a name than means ‘Yahweh is horny’? Jeremiah 40:8 and 42:1 suggests it is possible. Jezaniah, or more properly Jezaneyahu, is a compound name made up from Jahu and Jezan. Now the verbal root, jzn or yzn means ‘to be on heat, be horny, be dying for a hump’. Ergo, Jezaniah means ‘Yahweh is raging for a root’ (and not, as the desperately polite Hebrew scholars have suggested, ‘Yahweh hears’).